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Meaning of magostu by Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Felipe Lorenzo del Río


Magostu : Feast of the chestnut of my land with Celtic magic resonances. In the asturleones ature zone they also call him magosto, magosta, magéestu , amagoestu, magusto. It is also celebrated in Galicia, Cantabria, Extremadura, where they call it chaquetía, chiquitía, calvochá, carbochá or calbotes and the north of Portugal. In the Basque Country they call it gaztainerre or gaztanarre. The name may derive from the Latin magnus ustus, great fire, or magum ustum, magic fire. Around the feast of the saints it is customary for my land at sunset to roast chestnuts and drink wine around a great fire, while stories are told in an atmosphere of collective jolgorio. as José María Pereda also narrates in The Taste of the Tender.

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