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Meaning of conjunto

Spanish open dictionary


set , ta . ( Of the lat. )( coniunctus ). 1. adj. United or contiguous to something else. 2. adj. mixing incorporated with another different thing. 3. adj. ally, joined someone by the bond of kinship or friendship. 4. d. addition of several people or things. 5. m. game dress female fact usually woven of point and composed of jersey and jacket, or also other garments. 6. d. all of the elements or things possessors of a common property which distinguishes them from others; e.g., the even numbers. 7. d. Group of persons acting dancing and singing in some theatre, as varieties or magazines. 8. m. Orchestra formed by a small number of performers who grow light music accompanying a singer or singing themselves. 9. m. sports team. 10. m. Mat. All of the mathematical entities that have a common property. The set of numbers cousins. set s disjoint. 1. m. pl. Mat. Those who do not have any common element. set empty. 1. m. Mat. That does not contain any element. as a whole. 1. loc. Advisor. In its entirety, without details. The show seemed altogether very attractive. ? V. conjunt girl o girl of the set




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