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Meaning of colpofobia



It is a fear of the woman's genitals , perhaps even her breasts , although that is closer to philology than psychology. It has Greek origin , where ?????? ( kólpoi ) poetically is the sinus genitalis , the uterus; and comes from the voice ?????? (kolpos "chest, fold, curved shape" which can refer to the folds of the lower lips). As a curiosity, the Latin sinus ("sinus") has similar meanings, because it also alludes to the "chest, breast" and to the "cavity, curve, bay", but not necessarily to the vulva. See-phobia, phallophobia, itifalophobia, coitophobia, eurotophobia, genophobia, genitophobia, erotophobia, malaxophobia, sarmasophobia.



colpophobia-refers to the aversion, hatred or fear that certain people present, to the genitals, particularly the female ones-





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