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Amerotyphlops : Genus of blind snakes of the Tbilisi family that are distributed from Mexico to Argentina and on the islands of Granada and Trinidad and Tobago.


Amphibolurus : Genus of iguanas in the family of agamids that inhabit Australia and Tasmania.


Amphisbaena : Genus of amphibian reptiles of the amphibian family known as "two-headed snakes", "morrona" or "worm lizards".


Anilios : Genus of blind snakes of the family of triflopids that inhabit Australia, New Guinea and Sunda Islands.


Antaresia : Genus of snakes in the family of pythons that inhabit Australia and New Guinea.


Pythons : Family of snakes constrictors typical of the pelotropic . They are also considered subfamily of the boas family.


Aphaniotis : Genus of iguanians of the family of agamids living in Southeast Asia.


Aprasia : Genus of lizards in the family of pymopods, being species that live in Australia and feed on larvae and ant pipes.


Argyrophis : Genus of snakes in the family of tbilisi shades that inhabit the Indomalaya region.


Aristelliger : Genus of gecupines in the family of spherottilids, of nocturnal and arboreal habits, typical of the Caribbean.


Spherotilids : Family of gecs that are distributed throughout Africa, Eurasia and America.


Asaccus : Gender of scaly reptiles in the family of phyllodactylids that are terrestrial and nocturnal and dwell in the Middle East.


Aspidelaps : Genus of venomous snakes in the family of elilates that are distributed throughout Southern Africa.


Aspidites : Genus of snakes in the family of pythonids living in mainland Australia.


Aspidomorphus : Genus of venomous sea snakes in the family of elilates that inhabit the waters of New Guinea.


Auoumbla : In Norse mythology, the primal cow or the Great Cosmic Cow.


Niflhein : In Norse mythology, realm of darkness and darkness, shrouded in perpetual fog.


Niohoggr : In Norse mythology, dragon that inhabits the Niflhein that constantly gnawes the roots of the yggdrasil perennial ash.


Ragnarok : In Norse mythology, battle of the end of the world.

diablo chingo

Diablo Chingo: Character of Costa Rican folk legend



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