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Spanish Open dictionary by Margarito Cázares Guerrero

Margarito Cázares Guerrero

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puta madre

It is an expression that is used to show disgust when something goes wrong, it is of vulgar use and I do not recommend its use


In or for democracy


Large-scale fraud

último modelo

Cars or motor vehicles corresponding to their latest edition are said to be updated, models are usually updated every year


It is said of the person who wears dirty clothes, clothes with stains


Past sowing, deposit the seed in the soil in order to obtain a new plant or tree


Cigarette diminutive


Plural of emaciated, is to show on the face a physical improvement


This is called the utensils used to prepare food, mainly pots and pans


For a short time or reduced moments


They have perfume and say good smell, they can be people or things


People or things that are at a low temperature, the opposite is staggering


It's a request for help to get down from something


It occurs when a person temporarily leaves their daily tasks to enjoy a free time, usually taking advantage to get out of their avitual environment

hacer berrinche

It is to show anger or courage evidently, usually accompanied by screaming and crying


Maybe it's a mistake of writing by apoltronado : sitting comfortably, it comes from a chair called poltrona


Old plural, derogatory way of referring to women


Plural of skeletal, very thin or skinny people or animals


Affectionate form snugly sned by some women to refer to her husband


Bear diminutive



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