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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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bomnierw is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Bomniierw" as meaning: It is a very rare female name. Does not have namesakes ( as 41.


imperiofobia is incorrectly written and should be written as "Imperiofobia or imperofobia" being its meaning: It seems to me that it was better to have used Imperofobia ( from the Latin words Imperium or impero and phobia ) all forms means hatred for the Empire. After analyzing the cases of Rome, Russia and United States, compared with the Spanish, Maria Elvira rock Barea rushes with rigor in this volume the question of delimiting the ideas of Empire, black legend and imperiofobia. The book Imperiofobia and the black legend.


It is a slang mixture of the words magician and UFOlogists, both activities a little questioned and relative credibility. It is said that it is what makes those who promote or traded with paranormal or pseudoscientific phenomena such as ufology, telepathy, magic, etc. or believer of the same. It is almost a synonym for quackery. Magoo charades ( As it is blinkin all seeing different ).


EMPAGUA, is the Municipal company responsible for providing water and sewer services for residents of Guatemala City and areas of influence. An institution of production of drinking water and sanitation recognized at national and international level.


The absolute leader of a Yakuza clan. Oyabun means father. It has a counselor called Saiko-komon. In addition to that has an army of lawyers, accountants, Secretaries and advisers. The Yakuza have their origins in federations of gamblers and traders street of the Edo period. These groups have evolved over time in criminal syndicates. The Yakuza are currently formed by approximately 79 000 people.


ate rico is incorrectly written and it should be written as "Etheric" being its meaning:? The word is misspelled, it was perhaps intended to ask etheric. An etheric body or subtle, is no more than an intermediate element, which is divided between the intelligent soul and the physical body, so call it some philosophies. This name is derived from astrological and esoteric, meanings that explain this as a spiritual entity. The human being is made up of two bodies, the physicist ( composed of matter ) and the spiritual or esoteric to the seven main centers of chakra ( to make it eight energy points grouped upright ) and a thread of energy that connects each part of the nervous system, and can the etheric body eliminate even if physical illnesses.


cabuz is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Cabus" being its meaning: The word I think is poorly written and referenced Cabus. In Cuba, cabus, is the car of a train, especially that used for the transport of sugar cane.


This word is not in the dictionary of the RAE. However, if the Panhispanic dictionary of doubts ( collects it see the full index of the DPD ). It means gap, crookedness, or mismatch.


Conjugation of finalizing inflection. It is conclude one thing, give it to terminate. Reach an agreement after negotiations already have completed the sales document. Remember. Amer. Kill or finish off a person or animal.


Cures is an attractive woman, who knows how to dance and delight with their dances on a table surface, hence the word tei = tables bowling = dances, that people use it as derogatory is another thing. Dancer, dancing. Dancer's platforms. In the popular platforms, cultural presentations that are observed by the whole community and they are presented works of folklore are regional at no time are clubs and less than seedy.


The director of communication, also known as dircom, is a professional whose mission is to establish the conception, planning and management of any type of activities that affect your organization's public image or its own inner workings. It operates both in agencies and institutions in the public sector companies and private organizations. This dependence DIRCOM, is very common in most large companies, especially oil companies, in units of the armed forces and oil services.


It is a very poor quality pitch. Asphalt made from crude oil. Fat used to Polish the leather. Traditionally, at the election time, the mayors of the municipalities begin to send to pave the streets with " Bitumul " to win votes.


ozuki is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Oyuki" being its meaning: Very likely claimed said the Oyuki, given that Japanese and, pronounced almost like blowing. She was born in Kyoto in November, 1881 daughter of Kato, his real name was Yuki. To support his family financially at age 14, the formation of the Geisha of Gion began in the okiya to her aunt. From that moment, it was Oyuki, which means " honorable reinforced with snow. "


pins is incorrectly written and should be written as "Pin, PIN" being its meaning: It is a plural misspelled PIN their correct plural is pin. A device similar to a scissor of metal that heats up, so that the strands of hair can be twisted around it to form curls. Also in mechanical pin is a small pin metal serving insurance in bearings generally or in the jaws of the brakes.


Adjective. This word is now deprecated, it refers as active participle of course, which means that courses, study, apply, assists, learns, exercises and practice. It also said that manages, issued, processed and diligence. This word is also used as a noun. It means in the process.


Student, is a star called courses. Courses is a star of the second magnitude, which is located in the constellation of Eridanus. It is a bluish white color and is very easy to locate it by its closeness to Rigel. 2nd courses of witch Head Nebula is located.


kalajan is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Callaghan" being its meaning: It is a way to deform the surname of English origin Callaghan. It is a term or name used in pseudonyms or nicknames.


Chinpum is a brand of educational toys for toddlers who are manufactured in Argentina. On the other hand Chizpum is the colloquial way that in Colombia we call firearms hechizas very dangerous, and finally, the Chimpum, named affectionately, is one of the first buildings of the tent. It comes from the main need of shade in the hot solar by the Seville City Hall.


Action and effect of hang. In Colombia we have two well different meanings to hang. The first is to look or surreptitiously see a person and especially a woman interiors or her nakedness while the victim becomes aware. The second, is used mostly in the eastern plains and is used to mean hanging a small boat or a hammock to relax.


Tipili, the Dominican name given to the emblematic Lebanese dish called Tabbouleh is a salad made from wheat, tomato, onion and parsley and is well known in the Rep. Dominican. The Dominican version differs from the Lebanese in the amount of parsley added ( the Lebanese is more parsley and Mint that wheat ) and that the rare Dominican times is Mint.



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