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we would carry-refer to the expression: we would transport something in any way-


we haul-refers to the expression: we leave a clear between two threads of a fabric-


chivato-refers to the expression : fabaceous tree, straight trunk, smooth greyish bark and red to orange flowers arranged in cluster-

cerezo silvestre

wild cherry-refers to the expression : shrub of the cornaceae family, very bouquet and extremely hard wood, of white flowers and drupe fruits, which grows among the scrub-


caressed-refers to the expression : thought complacently on one thing in the hope of getting it or performing it


acadenillate-refers to the expression : you will giveisform or cadenilla figure to something-


will - it refers to the expression: in the old , it will get a certain thing-


blazares-belonging to the expression : type of active galaxy more variable, to which belong the most violent variations

pez elefante

elephant fish-refers to the expression : robust fish for its anterior part, is thinning towards the back, is provided with strong teeth and lacks scales-


academize-refers to the expression: you will make an artistic or cultural work respect the classical norms-


cross-refers to the expression: you put something so that it goes from one part to another


downgrades-refers to the expression : puts something in a lower or lower place (disused locution ) -


Aco-refers to the expression : District of Peru, in the province of Jauja-


bacaladillas-belonging to the expression : seafish in the family of the Gádidos-


acinturaré-refers to the expression: I will adjust a garment at waist height-


the phrase-refers to the expression: it will make a certain thing schabacano-


ac- refers to the expressionputinato something


acnisto-refers to the expression : solanáceous shrub, white and scented flowers, red berries and alternate leaves


acnodal-refers to the expression: isolated point whose coordinates have the property of resolving the equation of a curve and which can be considered as the intersection of two imaginary branches of it-


chamferaré-refers to the expression: it will give a corner shape of chamfer-



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