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papaver blanco-adormidera

White Poppy-Poppy-Annual Papaveraceae Plant, Medicinal, White or Pale Pink Flowers, Bright Steely Leaves, Fruit in Capsules from Which Opium, Morphine and Other Alkaloids are extracted-

badas abadas

Badas abadas-belonging to one of the names given to the rhinoceros, a mammal of the order of the perissodactyls, of large size and thick skin, pointed snout, which has one or two curved horns in the area of the nose, typical of Asia and Africa-


Kamejeya, an Amerindian people originally from Colombia, had their habitat in the department of Amazonas.

ásperos aspérulos

Rough Asperulus- belonging to a type of vegetal clothing covered with short and fine hairs of dense shape giving a velvety appearance.


Henrika- this is the asteroid discovered by astronomer M. F . Wolf on April 28, 1916-


Killed - belonging to a ship that is downwind of its course.

albarraz hierba piojenta

It is an annual plant, of the Ranunculaceae family, with erect and hairy stems of 1m in height, large leaves, intense blue flowers, fruits in black and rough capsules, with seeds inside that, like all parts of the plant, are highly toxic. a product that was used to combat lice-


abarticulations—pertaining to an injury in which a joint is displaced from its normal position—


Comacin - this is the asteroid discovered by the astronomer L. Carnera on September 2, 1902-


Cantuna—an individual of a Coahuiltec ethnic group that was distributed throughout east-central Texas.

gía manzanilla o ababuy

Chamomile or ababuy-refers to a species of plum tree, wild shrub, small, thorny, with bright green oval leaves with a strong aroma of almonds, pale flowers, yellow or orange-red fruits, pleasant flavor. Generally, it has its habitat in forested regions.

saúco pequeño

Small elderberry is a herbaceous plant species of the Caprifoliaceae family, native to southern and central Europe and Southeast Asia. generic name Sambucus ebulos, which can reach 2 to 5m in height, erect stems, usually without branches, with opposite dark green leaves and strong smell, white or pink flowers, with a small, dark and very toxic fruit; It is used in medicine for its cardiotonic, sudorific, diuretic and laxative properties.

la hidra

The Hydra is said to be a constellation located in the cosmic zone of the southern or southern hemisphere.


Ambrosia - this is the asteroid discovered by the astronomer J. And. Coggia on February 28, 1879-


Ballistophobia - refers to the aversion, hatred, or fear of bullets and other types of projectiles

ababúa o ababá

Ababúa or ababá-individual of an indigenous people of Brazil who have their habitat in the state of Mato Grosso, in the forests located between the three upper branches of the Curumbiara River, a tributary of the Guaporé, opposite the limits of Bolivia.


Formosa- refers to a star whose official name was approved on December 17, 2019, located in the constellation Leo-


An old narrow ship, with low gunwales, with two or three masts and a crab on each of them.

niambú caángay

niambú caángay-is a species of herbaceous plant, annual, of the Asteraceae family, about 70 cm high, very toxic, considered a weed, native to South America; it has opposite leaves, small pink or white flowers with a nauseating smell, becoming a weed of the tropical areas of the world-It is used medicinally as an antibacterial or antiarthritic, also, for its essential oils, it is used in cosmetics; It is toxic to mammals.

aaronita o aarónico

Aaronite or Aaronic-relative to or belonging to Aaron, biblical character elder brother of Moses and younger brother of Miriam, considered to be the founder of the Jewish priesthood-



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