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ciruelillo ababuy

Ababuy-plum tree refers to a species of plum, wild shrub, small, thorny, with bright green oval leaves with a strong aroma of almonds, pale flowers, yellow or orange-red fruits, pleasant taste. Generally, it has its habitat in forested regions-


tomatine- glycoalkaloid present in tomato, and may have activity against various types of bacteria and fungi.

el tucán

The Toucan- is said of a constellation located in the cosmic zoneCircumpolar South-


Erigone- is the asteroid discovered by astronomerH . J . To. Perrotin on April 26, 1876-


brontophobia-belonging to the aversion, hatred or fear that certain people present towards storms, lightning and thunder-

abobalados, das

abobalados, das-belonging to the land in cultivation where the ababol predominates, constituting, almost always, a pest for the planted-


iklil- refers to a star whose official name was approved on September 5, 2017, located in the constellation Scorpius-


kiosk-refers to a certain type of vessel used in Turkish ports, sailing, motor or combined-

hierba hemostática-caángay

hemostatic-caángay-grass-it is a species of herbaceous plant, annual, of the Asteraceae family, about 70 cm tall, very toxic, considered a weed, native to South America; It presents opposite leaves, small pink or white flowers of nauseating smell, becoming a weed of the tropical areas of the world-It is used medicinally as an antibacterial or antiarthritic, also, for its essential oils, it is used in cosmetics; is toxic to mammals-

anatemizar o anatematizar

anathematize or anathematize – refers to imposing anathema or excommunication on a person for having committed heresy.


rugged- It is said of a type of vegetable clothing that is not soft to the touch, with irregularities-


Feodosia- is an asteroid discovered by astronomer K. W . Reinmuth on November 29, 1924-


erythophobias—pertaining to aversion, hatred, or fear, presented by certain individuals to blush; inquisitiveness to the red color, especially towards the lights-


Ojibway—refers to an individual from one of the largest native peoples in North America, alongside the Cherokee and Navajo; they have their habitat in Canada and the USA. UU . -


wool- belonging to a type of vegetable clothing covered by trichomes or long, wavy hairs that look like strands of wool-


achaguas- tribe of Amerindians of the steppes of Arauca and Apure, in Venezuela-

apache chiricahua, chiricahua

Apache Chiricahua, Chiricahua-individual of a tribe of Apaches who lived in areas of southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona, in the United States, and in northern Mexico. -

abdómino aórtico, ca

Aortic abdomen, CA-refers to each of the 20 or 30 lymph nodes located around the abdominal aorta up to the level of its bifurcation-

abelmoluch o abelmoluco

abelmeluch or abelmoluco-refers to a certain type of castor, typical of lagoons areas of Africa, whose seed, small, oval and dark was used in pharmacy for its great power as a purgative-


abietes-firs-belonging to one of the names formerly given to the fir, tree of the family of the Pinaceae, of whitish bark, acicular leaves and fruits in pineapple almost cylindrical; Its wood is used in shipbuilding and musical instruments-



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