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has abocado

you have anited-refers to the expression: you have poured the capacity of one vessel into another

buey apis

Ox Apis-refers to the expression : divinity of the ancient Egyptians, linked to the solar cult and shaped like an ox. His greatest place of worship was Menfis, where he appears accompanying the gods Ptah and Osiris. -


Acomayo-refers to the expression : province of the republic of Peru-


increase-refers to the expression: increased the size, quantity or importance of something-


accustomed-belonging to the expression : helpful, informal, solicitous individuals


acollonan-refers to the expression : coamp, amedrentan, scare-

he abocado

I have anited-refers to the expression: I have poured the capacity of one vessel into another-


acomas-refers to the expression : tree of long and smooth leaves, fruit unbridled, very resistant wood used in ship-building-


advocated-refers to the expression: interceda favor of a person or thing


zigurat-refers to the expression : monumental construction in a staggered way, with ascending lateral ramps and religious function, typical of Mesopotamian religious architecture-


flare-refers to the expression : horn danform to a given object


acollarar-refers to the expression : marry, unite in marriage-


portray-refers to the expression : depicting a person, especially his face, in a drawing or na painting-


acollidos-belonging to the expression : set of cattle that delivers a cowboy to the owner of a cattle to feed them, for a stipulated price, welcomed.


collation-refers to the expression : action of acollonar or colading, co-sliping


llampuga-refers to the expression : acantopterigio marine fish, perciform, distributed in the Oceans around the world; It is compressed body laterally and reaches one meter in length, its loin, which is almost straight, is green with orange spots, and by the belly, silver, its flesh is edible but not highly appreciated-


zabordo-refers to the expression : action and effect of zaborda, trip and run aground the ship on the ground, zaborda-


schooloquetaceous-belonging to the expression : family of freshwater algae of the order of the ulotricales-


acollaran-refers to the expression : bind some animals to each other by their necklaces, so that they do not disperse- .


extruded-refers to the expression : I shape a mass by exiting it through an opening made for this purpose-



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