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Meaning of chunca



In northern Argentina is, mostly, the thigh (the leg above the knee). There is the verb "chunquear" with a curly meaning of touching a woman's thigh.



Of Zapotec origin: the more small



Tendon parts in the legs, behind the knees, fibrous appearance.



In the North of argentina, CHUNCA means leg


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is the feminine of chunco. In Colombia chunca or chunco is the person limping when walking. A person who may have one leg shorter than the other. Also told chunco or chunca to the person that he has paralysis in the legs and uses crutches or a leg missing that. Lame.



whore, harlot exchanged sex for money


Lucía Morales

Dove in danger of extinction or perhaps extinct from the Department of peace in Honduras.Casi of the size of a hen grey color without tail ( chunca ) legs flying very bad rojisas.She is hunting with dogs.I saw the last in the Decade of the 80 maybe found elsewhere in Central America or Honduras what alegraria a lot.