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Meaning of chumino

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In Spain and in a vulgar way, female sexual organ.


felipe lorenzo del rio

English neologism in Andalusian version. It was actually the Andalusian phonetics of the Me Now Show that from the seventeenth century English sailors told the women of life when they did not lift their skirts upon arrival in port because it had been forbidden by the authorities. The Gaddites and Malagasy mostly interpreted the English as calling what the Pelanduscas of each port taught them. Thus the Show Me Now went on to mean the chumino, pussy or female sex organ in its external appearance.



Surname present in Uruguay and Argentina, result of a deformation of the surname "Chunino " which was in turn a deformation, the existing phonetic similarity between the pronunciation of the "Z " Italian and "Ch " Spanish, Italian surname "Zunino ".





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