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Meaning of catapila



It's an excavator that serves to remove soil


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is a distortion of the word Caterpillar or better even caterpillar, brand of heavy machinery. It is a colloquial form of Colombian farmers call a bulldozer, a backhoe or a heavy equipment used in civil works, especially in the opening of roads. Also say you this to a workman boots, special heavy duty, usually with steel toe-caps. Safety boot.


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Specifically, a catapila is a bulldozer, usually yellow, equipped with a blade of large size in their front, which serves to remove sand, stones and rubble. Some are mounted on wheels; others, those of greater strength, are mounted on chains. The technical name of are machines could be tractor. The name "catapila" may have originated in the fact of the brand, which is Caterpillar.





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