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Meaning of carmelo

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Name of a Mountain that exists in Israel. It is famous for an apparition there of the Virgin Mary (advocation of the Virgin of Carmen). It is triangular in shape and close to Haifa. It is also a man name of Hebrew origin. It means the one that comes from the Lord's vineyard. In Colombia it is the name of a corregimiento of the municipality of Candelaria in the Department of Valle del Cauca. In Bogota, it is the name of a neighborhood and a School, formerly Female and now Mixed. It belongs to the Catholic Congregation of the Missionary Carmelites.



Carmelo is a male name of Hebrew origin, as 1499; 1512; 1502; 1500; (karm the "vineyard, garden of God"), reminiscent of Mount Carmel in Palestine, where the Virgin of Carmen appeared in 1251. See Carmen , Carmela , Carmilla .





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