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1º_ In Spain it is said of the icy wind, of the cold climate in general. Surely a deformation of biruji or one of its many variants. 2º_ It is a Castilianization of Yiddish 1489; 1456; 1468; 1512; 1460; 1497; 1514; ( briss "covenant, covenant" ) perhaps arrived through English where it is used especially to name the Hebrew 1489; 1456; 1468; 1512; 1460; 1497; 1514; 1502; 1460; 1497; 1500; 1464; 1492; ( Britz Milá "Covenant of Circumcision") or from some time ago to 1489; 1512; 1497; 1514; 1513; 1500; 1493; 1501; (britz yalom "covenant of peace") which is a rite of welcome to Judaism without cutting off the foreskin. 3º_ Bris or Beris is a village in Dashtiari District (Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Iran). 4º_ It is not an acronym for use in Spanish, but we can find it in Business Registers Interconnection System, or in Banana Research Information System.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is a word of the French language, meaning broken, broken. Saint Bris is the name of a commune of France and a white wine (Charente-Maritime département, in the arrondissement of Saintes). It can mean cold, low temperature, icy. Le Bris, is a surname of a famous French aviator and navigator, named Jean-Marie Le Bris. He was a pioneer in flying gliders. .



BRIS : in Zaragoza capital, cold.



BRIS: In the Aragonese municipality of Quinto de Ebro, cold.





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