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Meaning of bardana

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is one of the common names of a plant's edible seeds in Mexico. Also referred to as achera achuru, burdock, papantla, canacoro, maraca, achira, achuy, capacho, biri, cucuyus, juquian, chisgua, risgua. Its scientific name is Canna indica and belongs to the family Cannaceae. Name of a flour that is extracted from the same seed.


Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Burdock is a plant very abundant in Spain which has a lot of names. I will mention some: grass of the tinosos, agarrucha, apegaderas, arrancamonos, cadillo, cardinches, carrapicho, carrapeto, escardamulas, leaf Toad, lamparasa, lapa of oxen, nigueruela, donkey ears, sticky, gobs, zarrapote...Its scientific name is arctium lappa (Linnaeus ) of arktos arktou: bear and labe labes: action to take because click like a bear hair and clings to everything that happens. According to say, spread, thus gripping wool or animal hair has inspired the creation of velcro. It is a traditionally medicinal plant that is present in the memory of all Spaniards we have had a rural childhood, because we used to pull their heads floral and hooked to the girls clothing dance.


Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada






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