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Meaning of nahuatl-huichol

blanca estela


Legend HUICHOL's Deer AZULExiste a legend huichol, in the land of the gods of the desert, which speaks of a blue deer, as a manifestation of the divine. On the mystical journey of the Huichol of Mexico Indians, to desert - looking for the buds of peyote, the sacred cactus - only the pure of mind and heart can see the blue deer. In their ritual exodus, Huichols, sons of the desert, in search of the ancient legend of the blue deer, which is transmitted from parents to children. The land of the blue stag is sacred to the tribe of the huicholes in the Chihuahuan desert. Legend has it that a Hunter killed a blue deer. When he was wounded, the deer fled to the depths of the steppe. It is said that in their footsteps were growing peyote cactus. From that distant episode of their mythology, the Huichol tend to use the buds of peyote, which becomes Center of its mystical spell in their sacred ceremonies. The sacred cactus expands their consciences to be ingested and, according to their accounts, makes them one with life, with their gods and the beauty of the natural world.



Image, eye movement (translation the wixárika)





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