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It is the pronoun "we or us" in nominative . It comes from the Old Germanic wir, related to the Norse vær.


1º_ While it means "brother", it is also used as an expression to call a friend, companion or even a stranger as an affectionate way to address him. 2º_ Friar, religious, is the same use that is given in Spanish to "brother in the faith".


It is a prefix with several uses, such as the marking of verbal participles; or the beginning, time or end of an event; or the creation of collective nouns, with a relationship of union; or also to indicate in a noun that it is the result of an action mentioned by a verb; and has a similar use to the 're-' in Spanish, as an intensifier that is put into words to indicate that "it is much, long, durable".


Deern ( pr . diern) means "girl, young girl". It comes from the medieval Germanic dêrne, which takes it from the Old Saxon thiorna ("maiden, virgin, maid"), which is related to dirne (pr. dione) which is used as a "girl (lower class), and also as a prostitute".



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