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Meaning of abba

V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans


Abba: The Spirit; The Sun of the dreams. Version in Sanskrit of one of the God&#'s Names for the Gnostic and first Christian that they worshiped Him into their visions of sober dreams. According to The Scriptures &#(Bible&#), the -&#"Abba, Father&#"- it is God and He can not be represented or tought like it had did with the &#'Ra&#' of the egyptian. Instead according with a Book of the Law &#(that came through Moses&#) at hand, for be tought by the priests to the neophytes of field esoteric Aaronic -Exodus 20:7-. The Grace, coming through Jesus Christ - Mark 14:36; Romans 8:12-16 and Galatian 4:6 -, allows that Christian learn how to be Semitic, by understanding Genesis 28:10-17. During oneiric visions, one can see God without dying, and to have more life as an only child by adoption into the Order of Melquicedec, which it is Sem&#'s genealogy the Noah&#'s son.





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