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Dreams Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means that something bad is coming. Inconvenience. If you dream that you play in it, it is an indication that you may lose a friend or someone very close. Being buying it is an indicator that things are going well and that you are solving your problems.


It is an indicator that businesses and projects are being started. If they pick you up it bodes well and if they don't pick you up, it's the opposite and you should take precautions. If you are the one who manages and picks up someone, it means that you will provide timely help to another person.


In general terms it is an indicator of prosperity and wealth (especially when wearing them). To dream that you have an earring in your hand, is meaning an upcoming pregnancy of someone close to you. Losing an earring and looking for it is an indicator of a critical sense, if you find it is that you are in the right. Not finding it is a warning sign, that you are not being fair and that you are a loss.


It is an indicator that we have the strength and energy to navigate problems. It is taken as an impulse, a voice of encouragement to get things done.


It means that although you will have obstacles and setbacks you will overcome them. If you dream that you do not have to pay the rent, it is a reflection of anguish and worries, but that with effort you will be able to get ahead.


If the dream with bust, refers to breasts is indicator of food requirements. Memories of childhood food needs . Beginning of a new stage of development in life, in which you will have family support. It also reflects good sexuality and sexual energy. If the bust, refers to a statue or bust of a character, reflects many joys in the family environment, successes.


Dreaming of pirates is an indicator of dangers and freedom. It is an indicator that precautions should be taken during the adventures that you want to advance.


Dreaming about university or university studies is an indicator of many expectations, of great aspirations and many concerns for the near future. It is a call to meditate and calm down.


Dreaming of looking very skinny or seeing another very skinny reflects worries about a bad or wrong response to a previous problem and that continues to worry you. Whether you are on a diet or in the process of losing weight is an indicator that you have faith in your achievements. It can also reflect obstacles and unforeseen events that can be solved.


Dreaming of dressing is an indicator that we are preparing properly to face our lives. Whether clothing is stained or broken is an indicator of short-term problems. If you dress in elegant clothes it is the inner desire to stand out to others. If we feel that we are late in dressing, it is an indicator that we are concerned about some family problem before a trip.


Dreaming of guns. It usually means presence of difficulties. It also represents the fear of being assaulted or assaulted. If you use it and hit it on target, augur successes.


Screaming dreaming is a common occurrence. If the screams are not of anguish is a good tension-releasing symptom. On the contrary if it is desperate or pitiful reflects a great anguish, a great desire to solve a strong emotional problem. Indicates despair, distress.


Dreaming of rubbers is an indicator that we are prone to a quick adaptation to new environments or situations. Reflects versatility and adaptability.


Dreaming of arrows, darts or saetas is an indicator that you will have amusements or pleasure trips. Overcoming setbacks and successes. Whether the arrows are broken or shooting at us indicates problems and setbacks. Broken : love disappointments. If they are inside the carcaj, it is very good omen.


Dreaming of sailing in a canoe, is an indicator of simplicity, tranquility and independence. Sailing in calm waters means great control of the situations you face, peace and quiet. In murky or hectic waters or the canoe sinking is a harbinger of strong difficulties.


Dreaming of the earth (planet). It usually bodes well. It represents a desire for freedom. But also a lot of hope and confidence an which is made, Trust and security in the feelings of those around us.


Dreaming of ash means the end of a stage or process. You can indicate the end of a relationship. It reflects the need to finish something, to pass the sheet and focus new goals. It is valid for fire ash or cigarette ash.

new year

Dreaming that it is New Year's Day, is the reflection of the success achieved. It means that he is satisfied with the achievements and overflows with joy.


Dreaming of a sink or sink means that some regrets accompany you. That you must clarify some situation or that you must improve or change some attitude that does not have you calm. If you dream that the sink breaks it means that you have a lot of work ahead of you, but that in the end you will have success or profits.


Dreaming of chains reflects the inner desire to release something to express things they feel but dare not say. Anguish over some secret that needs to be revealed.



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